Hello guys!

a big hello to everyone reading this post right now \(^^)
So basically I do the yarny part of this blog and I knit/crochet stuff blah blah blah but enough about me.

We are a group of four random people who love to make crafty stuff and yep so this blog will be run by four people wooo~ uh to start off the blog, I’ll post my latest creation:


I know it’s pretty shoddy because
1. I suck at stuffing
2. One ear is WAAYYYY too fat
3. I don’t have a tapestry needle to sew in the ears so I had to crochet it in, and the result is that a bunch of stuffing got dragged out in the process.

I’m going to try my best to obtain a suitable tapestry needle, along with eye beads in the school holidays that we’re currently having.

For this I used a 3.5mm crochet hook, and some random polyester stuffing I think. And the brand of yarn is moda rena or something and the uh type is called blossom ? Okay nevermind I’ll just take a photo


Another creation of mine(with some inspiration from craft books and stuff):


Yay hair ties!!! I looooooove them because they look awesome on black hair <;3 uh I used some thing called 'flutter yarn‘ that I bought from lincraft when I went to Australia for a vacation :3 I loooove lincraft omg /squeal

The yarn tag thing


I used a 3.5 hook, I think?

Aaaaand I can’t find the colour soooo um if you wanna get that colour you’ll have to refer to this


Oh well
Good luck then
I shall stop the craft spam here ahhaa

For the pattern for the bunny, I kinda mixed and matched
I made a 16 row sphere using this

Then I made ears using this
But I skipped rows 11 and 15 so the ears I made are a bit shorter than what the pattern said

Do y’all need the pattern for the hair ties?

Alright, this will be it I guess


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